Weekly Forecast 22nd May 2024

Starting this week, I will be writing these weekly Astrology bulletins. These will be brief updates of the astrology of the week with my interpretations of what it signifies.

The Moon starts this week in the sign of Scorpio. It will move into Sagittarius on the 23rd as a Full Moon, into Capricorn on the 26th, before moving into Aquarius on the 28th. The Moon has a degree of intensity having moved from an opposition with the planets Jupiter and Venus before reaching its fullness in early Sagittarius – a fiery mutable sign. This may signify a degree of restlessness and tension around the Full Moon, of having energy but nowhere for it to go. In the days preceding while the Moon was in Scorpio, perhaps plans and intentions were made but withheld. But now there may be the sense that an opportunity has passed, and now the energy and enthusiasm is prevented from being released due to circumstance. Although the temptation may be to act on it immediately, hold on to the energy until the Moon moves into Aquarius on the 28th, where it will trine Jupiter and Venus in Gemini, lending it support. The Moon will be waning as it moves through Aquarius – this may be a good time to let go of or reconsider a plan or idea that has been burdening you.

On Friday the 24th Venus, the planet signifying aesthetics and desire, will move from Taurus – a sign it is powerful in – into Gemini. Venus can signify what brings you joy. If you have found yourself particularly enjoying the ‘Earthy’ or physical things that Taurus can signify – which can be anything from sex to gardening – earlier in May, this may indicate a shift in focus for your desires and what attracts you. If you see a recurring theme in what you’ve been desiring or what has been bringing you joy earlier in May, this may apply to you. With Venus in Gemini, a mutable air sign, there could be a shift towards appreciating dialogue, conversation, or various different ideas. To make the most of this transit, be open towards what Venus might begin to express in your life, and the places and activities where you find joy might flow and change over time.

The other transit this week is Jupiter also moving into Gemini on Sunday the 26th. With Jupiter signifying justice, generosity, and expansiveness this is a blessing on Gemini and the things that this sign may signify in your life. This could signify a sense of optimism in dialogue and communication – although with Mercury the ruler of Gemini lagging behind in Taurus, this appearance of happy dialogue might not be as successful as it feels at the time. Regardless, with both Venus and Jupiter in Gemini for the rest of the week at least, I feel the metaphor of a bustling, happy marketplace is appropriate, where everyone is generous, in enthusiastic conversation and feels like they’re really getting through to each other. However, without the help of Mercury, these conversations might not actually amount to much. Having said that, from the 26th may be an excellent time to be sympathetically listened to, but you might not necessarily be really understood!

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