Weekly Forecast 29th May 2024

This week is flavoured by Gemini – a sign signifying dialogue and conversation. The Moon ingresses into Pisces on 30th, Aries on 1st, Taurus on 3rd, before joining the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Gemini on the 5th.

For the past month Mars has been in Aries, which can signify volatility, aggression, or make flammable situations more dangerous. If you have been experiencing an increase in energy or activity over the past month, it may coincide with Mars’ presence in Aries. In that case, expect a winding down of tension and energy as Mars prepares to leave Aries, and the waning Moon passes by Mars before moving into Taurus on the 3rd – which may coincide with a stabilising influence.

Mercury will enter Gemini on Tuesday the 4th. As Mercury is the ruler of this sign, this lends a degree of support to the other planets currently in Gemini that they wouldn’t otherwise have. This is compounded by the fact that Mercury will conjoin Jupiter in early Gemini, making the things that Mercury can signify louder, positive, and perhaps wiser. This is an excellent time for communication and the exchange of ideas.

This positivity is further pronounced with Venus conjoining the Sun in Gemini, signifying beauty and joy. With all of this happening on the 4th next Tuesday, it would seem there may be reasons to have joyful conversations and exchanges of ideas around this date. With Gemini signifying dialogue this would be an excellent time to make peace. In individual lives, I would expect these significations to be especially pronounced in the area of life signified by Gemini in individual charts.

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