The Moon starts this week at the beginning of the sign of Gemini where it will pass the Sun, making it the New Moon from the 6th. It will move into Cancer on the 8th, Leo on Monday the 10th, and end in Virgo early on the 12th.

Today the Moon will be conjoining Jupiter and Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. This is a great time to make plans for social events, with the Moon being so strongly supported by Mercury signifying communication and Jupiter signifying abundance. It may correlate with satisfying resolution to something that was started around the last full moon on the 23rd of May.

On the day of the New Moon, from around midday on Thursday the 6th, the Moon will be strongly supported by a strong Venus as well as mildly supported by a sextile from Mars in Aries. This is an energetic Moon and may be a good time to start a new project – perhaps something creative or intellectual, but something that is a joy to do but has required a bit of energy to actually get started. If there is a chance to do this, seize the opportunity and start.

On the topic of Mars, this planet will be leaving Aries to ingress into Taurus late on Sunday the 9th. This should correlate with things becoming calmer and more grounded. Mars, signifies activity, energy, violence, and separation – these topics will still naturally be present, but may be more muted, ‘Martian’ situations will become less likely to explode or escalate. If there is a particular area of your life that has been rather active or intense while Mars has been in Aries over the past month, you may find a reprieve from the intensity.

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