The Moon starts this week having just entered the sign of Sagittarius. On Friday the 19th it will ingress into Capricorn, reaching fullness at the end of the sign on Sunday the 21st, before moving into Aquarius later that day. On Tuesday the 23rd it will ingress into Pisces where it will remain for the following Wednesday.

On Thursday the 18th, the Moon in Sagittarius will oppose Jupiter in Gemini, while it moves into a square with Saturn in Pisces before making a trine configuration with Mercury in Leo. Jupiter’s inclination is to heal, elevate, and amplify. But there are good times to do the above and not so good times – sometimes an intervention is unwelcome. Saturn represents boundaries and the Moon, symbolising the body and ‘the people’ is coming up against one. They might need help, but would rather not accept it at this time. Perhaps the reasons for this will be highlighted by the Moon’s trine with Mercury (representing communication) – so precisely why Jupiter’s aid will be rejected will be clear for all to see.

On Saturday the 20th, the Moon approaching fullness in a sign where it is weak has some help from an unlikely place. Saturn the ruler of Capricorn will form a sextile with the Moon, lending it some disciplined support. This will be a very Saturnine night. Rather than celebrations or partying, this Saturday evening would be better used doing something reserved or quiet. Later in the evening Mars will ingress into Gemini, forming a trine with Pluto. Pluto an Mars working together is an explosive combination, but fortunately neither have the resources or the energy to do any huge damage. Having said that, Mars moving into the territory that signifies human communication is another reason to perhaps give socialising a miss this evening, as potential for arguments have increased.

Monday the 22nd sees the Moon in Aquarius opposing Venus, while the Sun moves into it’s own sign of Leo immediately opposing Pluto. Expect some minor revelations. These might not be fully clear until Tuesday the 23rd when the Moon opposes Mercury.


The Moon starts this week in Virgo, waxing and reaching Libra on Friday the 12th. On Sunday the 14th it will ingress into Scorpio, opposing Mars and Uranus on Tuesday the 16th. By Wednesday the 17th it will move into Sagittarius.

On Thursday the 11th Venus will move into Leo moving into an opposition with Pluto in Aquarius. Venus is uncomfortable here, and this may coincide with a feeling of lurking intensity or exposure. Meanwhile, the Moon will oppose Saturn, sextile the Sun and move into a trine with Mars. This may correlate with some radical breakthroughs in the areas of life signified by Taurus or Virgo in your chart. The day will be held back somewhat by Saturn and Neptune, providing a backdrop of humid, foggy, malaise. A good afternoon to stay indoors and prepare an excellent meal perhaps.

On Friday the 12th the Venus Pluto opposition goes exact, continuing the theme of unease. Keep a check on paranoid feelings or power plays, especially with regards to relationships. Later in the evening the Moon will trine Jupiter adding a counter note of harmonious balance, which will be diminished slightly due to the Moon’s conjunction with the South Node.

On Sunday the 14th, when the Moon moves into Scorpio immediately squaring Pluto, will mark the beginning of a few days of mounting tension. This will climax on Tuesday the 16th where the Moon will oppose Mars and Uranus currently joining forces in Taurus, a sign where the Moon is strong, with Scorpio being a sign where Mars has a lot of power. These few days will be marked with feelings of discomfort, danger, and anxiety. Mars and Uranus conjoining in Taurus on the 16th combines the violence of Mars with the shock or suddenness of Uranus. This is usually cause for concern, but there are a few things which suggest that despite the background emotion and anxiety, things will not be as bad as they first appear. Firstly there is the fact that Taurus is not typically a sign where Mars has a lot of resources – although Martial things can always still happen, they may not be as bad as they could otherwise be when Mars is well-resourced. Secondly the presence of Saturn in Pisces lends cooperation to both the Moon and to a lesser extent Mars – the aspects are not hostile, so the boundary defining aspects of Saturn are more prominent, working in the Moon’s favour. Perhaps any dramatic outbursts will be dispersed or dampened down by Saturn’s presence, like an argument in a library. Last of all, both Mars and Uranus are moving towards a sextile with Neptune – signifying uncertainty, diffusion, and illusion. This may suggest that things are not what they initially seem.

With all of this in mind, it seems the best course of action would be to keep one’s cool, in spite of any Mar-Uranus earthquakes shaking up your life. After the dust settles, it will be clear that it was not quite as bad as you thought it was while you were in it.


The Moon starts this week in Gemini, ingressing into Cancer by Friday the 5th, passing the Sun and moving into Leo on Sunday the 7th, before ending the week in Virgo on Wednesday the 10th.

Venus starts the week moving away from the trine with Saturn and moving away from the Sun in Cancer. This may correlate with a feeling of relief – Venus more able to express Venus things. This will be the last week Venus is in Cancer, and will also be ending the week moving towards a close configuration by trine with Neptune and by opposition with Pluto. For clarity in love and all things beautiful, do not wait until the end of the week.

On Friday the 5th, we have the waning Moon in it’s own sign of Cancer, which will be passing the Sun as the New Moon on Saturday the 6th where it will be moving into a sextile with Mars and a trine with Saturn. This would be an excellent time to begin new ventures or projects that require some determination and discipline.

As the Moon conjoins Mercury in Leo on Monday the 8th, Mercury will be in a sextile with Jupiter in Gemini. This is a supportive aspect that seems ideal for learning something new.

Perhaps due to Pluto being in opposition to the various planets beginning to move out of Cancer and Mars getting ready to conjoin Uranus, this week of the New Moon feels like a lot of energy being built up. It may be a good idea to think of where you want to direct this energy. By being aware of it and having some kind of goal, it will likely be more constructive. Having energy that gets built up unconsciously often bursts out unbidden, reacting to outside forces. Such outbursts are rarely constructive.


The Sun in Cancer highlights this week watching the Moon from it’s own sign. The waning Moon starts this week in Pisces. On Friday the 28th it moves into Aries, into Taurus by the 1st on Monday, before ending in Gemini by Wednesday the 3rd.

In the afternoon today Wednesday the 26th of June, the Moon in Pisces will trine Venus in Cancer. Venus meanwhile is in a close sextile with Mars in Taurus, and approaching a trine with Saturn in Pisces. Because the Moon rules Cancer, where Venus currently is, Venus may be more active due to the trine from the Moon. This is a good time to ‘make use’ of a Venus that is currently in a supportive configuration with ‘malefic’ planets Mars and Saturn. What does this mean in plain English? It’s an ideal time for gardening, weeding, or pruning, or watering plants. Mars in grounded Taurus and Saturn in watery Pisces in a benevolent relation to Venus lends their support (cutting and working with boundaries respectively), where the waning Moon favours reducing rather than expanding. More symbolically, this could be applied to clarity around relationships, working out what aspects need to be supported, and what needs ‘pruning’, whether or not boundaries are too firm or not firm enough.

The Moon will be separating from the trine with Venus in the early hours the next day on Thursday the 27th. However, Venus will still be somewhat supported by Mars and Saturn, but the Moon will be in the later degrees of Pisces, conjoining Saturn, and perhaps less supportive.

Saturn will station retrograde on Saturday the 29th. It will come closer a trine configuration with Venus in Cancer as it done so. As mentioned, planets in trine are generally supportive of each other’s goals. However Saturn moving into retrograde motion in a sign it is not generally comfortable in (Venus’ exaltation), perhaps means a dissolution of what Saturn signifies. In this case, Venus might work with Saturn to dissolve unhelpful boundaries and obstacles in the way of desire or pleasurable things. Keep note of the few days after the 29th until Venus moves away from the trine with Saturn to see if any of this hits.

Mercury will ingress into Leo on Tuesday the 2nd of July, marking the end of the Gemini-heavy period. If the week or so prior to this was for you characterised by intellectual pursuits, communication, and thought – you may see a marked change as Mercury moves into Leo.


The waxing Moon starts this week in Scorpio, moving into Sagittarius on the 20th, Capricorn on Saturday the 22nd where it will become full, Aquarius on Monday the 24th, and reaches Pisces on the 26th.

Late in the evening on Thursday the 20th (GMT), the Sun will ingress into Cancer marking the solstice and midsummer. Mercury, and Venus co-present with the Sun in Cancer adds emphasis and intention on what Cancer can signify, perhaps new beginnings and a greater awareness of emotions. With Mercury and Venus signifying the intellect and love respectively, one can read a desire for connection on this solstice and the days following. Mars and Saturn, usually ‘malefic’ planets that can often signify obstacles or problems, are in fact cooperative aspecting Cancer with a sextile and trine, lending a degree of support. However, the downside is that the planets that have the most power in Cancer, the Moon and Jupiter, will be averse. This means that they cannot ‘see’ this sign and are unable to lend their assistance – effectively this indicates that although there may be a desire for connection, the situation may not be currently ideal for this desire to come to pass. It may be better to wait until the Moon is in Pisces on the 26th and can lend its full support.

Late on the 19th the Moon in Sagittarius will be in opposition with Jupiter in Gemini. On this evening and the day following, between the Moons opposition with Jupiter and it’s square with Saturn on the 20th, it may be good to be cautious about overindulging. The Moon (often signifying the body) is in Jupiter’s domain and can have what it wants, but an opposition can bring trouble. Jupiter might give a bit too much.


This week, the Moon starts in the sign of Virgo, moves into Libra on the 15th, before ingressing into Scorpio on Monday the 17th. On Wednesday the 12th, the Moon will trine Mars at two degrees of Taurus and a square from Jupiter at four degrees of Gemini. This will set a constructive and energetic tone for the day, with the Moon highlighting the meticulousness and attention to detail that Virgo often signifies and Mars lending energy from Taurus, today is an excellent day for practical activities that require detailed work.

However, late on Thursday the 13th, the Moon will be opposing Saturn and moving into a square aspect with the Sun and Mercury. This represents an obstacle and a block of some kind – perhaps due to the strength of Mercury in its own sign, this block will come from overthinking things or being too focused. If you are engaged with any creative projects, this could be a good time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture before proceeding.

On Monday the 17th Mercury will conjoin Venus at the end of Gemini, and both will ingress into Cancer at the same time, like an older sister holding the hand of a younger sibling crossing the road together. This analogy is apt, because Mercury is going from a sign where it has had a lot of influence and power into a sign where it is relatively inexperienced, a place more associated with emotion, nurturing, and sensitivity. At the same time, the Moon will move into a trine with this conjunction from early Scorpio, adding a boost of depth to this configuration. On the same day the Moon will move into an opposition with Mars, who rule Scorpio – perhaps adding a degree of emotional volatility. On Monday, expect a withdrawal from intellectual topics and lively conversation – there may be a greater emphasis on emotions, particularly pleasurable or joyful emotions, however due to the presence of Mars it may be worthwhile to expect a degree of discomfort or instability. The next day on Tuesday the 18th, the Moon will move into a trine with Saturn at 19 degrees of Pisces. If you experienced any difficulties involving obstacles or blocks of some kind on the 13th, this will signify a degree of release from these blocks – or even the possibility that whatever obstacle Saturn represented now signifies a useful boundary, a helpful degree of Saturnian discipline.


The Moon starts this week at the beginning of the sign of Gemini where it will pass the Sun, making it the New Moon from the 6th. It will move into Cancer on the 8th, Leo on Monday the 10th, and end in Virgo early on the 12th.

Today the Moon will be conjoining Jupiter and Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. This is a great time to make plans for social events, with the Moon being so strongly supported by Mercury signifying communication and Jupiter signifying abundance. It may correlate with satisfying resolution to something that was started around the last full moon on the 23rd of May.

On the day of the New Moon, from around midday on Thursday the 6th, the Moon will be strongly supported by a strong Venus as well as mildly supported by a sextile from Mars in Aries. This is an energetic Moon and may be a good time to start a new project – perhaps something creative or intellectual, but something that is a joy to do but has required a bit of energy to actually get started. If there is a chance to do this, seize the opportunity and start.

On the topic of Mars, this planet will be leaving Aries to ingress into Taurus late on Sunday the 9th. This should correlate with things becoming calmer and more grounded. Mars, signifies activity, energy, violence, and separation – these topics will still naturally be present, but may be more muted, ‘Martian’ situations will become less likely to explode or escalate. If there is a particular area of your life that has been rather active or intense while Mars has been in Aries over the past month, you may find a reprieve from the intensity.

Weekly Forecast 29th May 2024

This week is flavoured by Gemini – a sign signifying dialogue and conversation. The Moon ingresses into Pisces on 30th, Aries on 1st, Taurus on 3rd, before joining the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Gemini on the 5th.

For the past month Mars has been in Aries, which can signify volatility, aggression, or make flammable situations more dangerous. If you have been experiencing an increase in energy or activity over the past month, it may coincide with Mars’ presence in Aries. In that case, expect a winding down of tension and energy as Mars prepares to leave Aries, and the waning Moon passes by Mars before moving into Taurus on the 3rd – which may coincide with a stabilising influence.

Mercury will enter Gemini on Tuesday the 4th. As Mercury is the ruler of this sign, this lends a degree of support to the other planets currently in Gemini that they wouldn’t otherwise have. This is compounded by the fact that Mercury will conjoin Jupiter in early Gemini, making the things that Mercury can signify louder, positive, and perhaps wiser. This is an excellent time for communication and the exchange of ideas.

This positivity is further pronounced with Venus conjoining the Sun in Gemini, signifying beauty and joy. With all of this happening on the 4th next Tuesday, it would seem there may be reasons to have joyful conversations and exchanges of ideas around this date. With Gemini signifying dialogue this would be an excellent time to make peace. In individual lives, I would expect these significations to be especially pronounced in the area of life signified by Gemini in individual charts.

Weekly Forecast 22nd May 2024

Starting this week, I will be writing these weekly Astrology bulletins. These will be brief updates of the astrology of the week with my interpretations of what it signifies.

The Moon starts this week in the sign of Scorpio. It will move into Sagittarius on the 23rd as a Full Moon, into Capricorn on the 26th, before moving into Aquarius on the 28th. The Moon has a degree of intensity having moved from an opposition with the planets Jupiter and Venus before reaching its fullness in early Sagittarius – a fiery mutable sign. This may signify a degree of restlessness and tension around the Full Moon, of having energy but nowhere for it to go. In the days preceding while the Moon was in Scorpio, perhaps plans and intentions were made but withheld. But now there may be the sense that an opportunity has passed, and now the energy and enthusiasm is prevented from being released due to circumstance. Although the temptation may be to act on it immediately, hold on to the energy until the Moon moves into Aquarius on the 28th, where it will trine Jupiter and Venus in Gemini, lending it support. The Moon will be waning as it moves through Aquarius – this may be a good time to let go of or reconsider a plan or idea that has been burdening you.

On Friday the 24th Venus, the planet signifying aesthetics and desire, will move from Taurus – a sign it is powerful in – into Gemini. Venus can signify what brings you joy. If you have found yourself particularly enjoying the ‘Earthy’ or physical things that Taurus can signify – which can be anything from sex to gardening – earlier in May, this may indicate a shift in focus for your desires and what attracts you. If you see a recurring theme in what you’ve been desiring or what has been bringing you joy earlier in May, this may apply to you. With Venus in Gemini, a mutable air sign, there could be a shift towards appreciating dialogue, conversation, or various different ideas. To make the most of this transit, be open towards what Venus might begin to express in your life, and the places and activities where you find joy might flow and change over time.

The other transit this week is Jupiter also moving into Gemini on Sunday the 26th. With Jupiter signifying justice, generosity, and expansiveness this is a blessing on Gemini and the things that this sign may signify in your life. This could signify a sense of optimism in dialogue and communication – although with Mercury the ruler of Gemini lagging behind in Taurus, this appearance of happy dialogue might not be as successful as it feels at the time. Regardless, with both Venus and Jupiter in Gemini for the rest of the week at least, I feel the metaphor of a bustling, happy marketplace is appropriate, where everyone is generous, in enthusiastic conversation and feels like they’re really getting through to each other. However, without the help of Mercury, these conversations might not actually amount to much. Having said that, from the 26th may be an excellent time to be sympathetically listened to, but you might not necessarily be really understood!